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Welcome to the Monroe County Probate Court public access web site. You now have the capability to research case records through this system. You can search our database for case information including docket entries (filings/register of actions) and events (scheduled hearings). Probate Court records became computerized in 1988, case information prior to this date is only available in manual indexes at the Clerk’s office during normal business hours. Available information includes all public accessible Probate Court records such as Estate, Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Trust as well as any other public records in our Court. All confidential matters and sequestered filings are not available for public review.

You will be able to select a variety of criteria when searching. Your search will be narrower and/or quicker depending on the amount of search criteria you can supply. You may search by last name only or you can include first initial or first name. When initiating a search, if you put in the name Smith for example; your result will be large. To expedite the search process you will need to further qualify your search by adding any additional search criteria to expand the search, such as a first name or first initial. You may select a case type or party type if that information is known. Once the information is found, you can click on the file number that appears in the Search Results and you will then be able to review the case. To access Parties, Dockets, Costs, or Events, click on the tabs at the top portion of the page.

The 2-letter Case Type Codes are established by Michigan State Court Administrative Office and have changed over the years. Current case type codes are listed separately from previously used case types under the “drop-down” option for Case Type.

When searching by file number, you must make sure that you are using the correct file number format.
• YYYY-0000-XX (4 digit year -dash- 4 digit file number -dash- 2 character case type)
• Any case opened prior to January 1, 2000 needs an extension added to the above example. The extension will either be the letter “A” , “B” , or “C”. YYYY-0000-XX-X ( -dash- A or B or C)

The Public Access information may not reflect updates, changes, or rulings that have not yet been posted to the system. The database is updated every morning with the previous day’s information. The Monroe County Probate Court reserves the right to make changes and assumes no liability for damages as a result of errors, omissions, or discrepancies.